Small Business Marketing

The Small Business Marketing Plan of Attack

Classic brick and mortar start-ups find it hard to grasp the worth of investing in a small business marketing plan.  Other local Mom and Pop shops implement progressive marketing solutions reaching the other side of the globe.

Your local market area may be expanding far outside the scope you envisioned.

  • The ways in which businesses attract customers locally and afar are evolving exponentially.
  • Small business don’t have to survive from a small pool of local consumers.
  • Many options exist including social media, e-commerce, hybrid on/offline community projects.
  • Gripcurrent gets individually involved with the needs of each small business we work with.

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  • An attractive website is a great start.
  • Getting your small business access to the vast pools of buyers searching and purchasing online is better.
  • Capturing a repeat customer base who is attracted to your branding and loves your product or service is best.
  • Expand your horizons and hire Gripcurrent to advance your small business marketing plan is key.

Check out this article by SEO specialist John Rognerud — about the most common small business marketing mistakes.

Hiring a Marketing Agency = Concentrating on your Small Business

How can we integrate a solid small business marketing plan with the brick and mortar feel through an attractive web interface? Concentrate on the quality of your business, and let us partner with you for the presentation. After an in depth SWOT analysis; we will produce the traction you need to get the customers you deserve. Many customers are afraid to ask for help when it comes to their marketing plan.

When asked why not get a consultant to help with your marketing; small business owners usually say cost.  Gripcurrent never implements any small business marketing plan that is designed to pay for itself in sales.  Marketing takes valuable time out of many small business owner’s days. These hours are costly and could be used towards further advancing day to day operations. Let Gripcurrent help you with your small business marketing plan and help you concentrate on the real tasks at hand.

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