Mobile Responsive Website Design and Modification

A Website has to be Viewable Cross Platform.

mobile-responsive-web-designMobile Responsive Website Design is the incorporation of a multi-platform scalable layouts within your website design.

Years ago people thought the big difference in the way we viewed technology was through either a PC or Apple interface.  Today almost countless screen sizes and operating platforms exist, serving websites to the consumer marketplace.  Mobile Responsive Website Design is more than just a little code implementation on the backend of site building.  Today most website themes use mobile responsive placement of graphics and widgets from the ground up.  Responsive website design is past being the second thought for developers and plays into the total web design experience.

Many people don’t even own a pc anymore. They use a tablet or phone as their main computing component, both in and outside of the home. It is essential for business to modify and develop mobile responsive websites around the existing and future mobile interfaces used by their customers.

Here is an article by SEO expert Harrison Jones about the value of Mobile Responsive Web Design Implementation Without a Mobile Responsive Website Design 

Why is it time to upgrade?  If your not mobile ready..

  • Browsing customers may become angry during interaction with your site.
  • They may altogether miss information because of the small screen size they are working on.
  •  Text size can become extremely difficult to read = sales lost!
  • The need for graphic and video solutions become increasingly important everyday; we don’t want your website’s text worth to be devalued.
  • Without mobile responsive website design your valuable graphic design elements won’t be shown to customers.
  • Small business product branding becomes less relevant as customers don’t have an attractive interface.
  • Conversion suffer from missing ease of use optimization.

Gripcurrent designs fully functional mobile interfaces that customers value.

Let us show you how. We update existing sites to Mobile Responsive Website Design compatibility.

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