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Small Business Web Developer • How Google Search WorksHow Google Search Works for Small Business

Many local business owners just don’t have time to spend on developing useful content for the web. Learn how Google search works and help your small business Get Found!

I can remember the first time I heard the word Google.  It was 1998. I was a college freshman in a literature class, and the teacher was referring to googling a topic on the web we were discussing. That day I found the power of Google. The schools library had all but become worthless to me after that point.  Waste time in the stacks finding books; not me, I’d jump on the web and Google it.  Now, sixteen years later that little information gateway has the power to make and break multi-million dollar enterprises at whim.  Google wants to deliver content from your website to searchers. How google search works -using  an advanced algorithm, Google finds unique content that holds value for each search term. Without unique content your web design is worthless to google. Standard pillars of the community (cleaners, local grindz, tire centers, mechanics,etc) do not fair well without adding content that makes their business easy to find.  This makes it very difficult for small business owners to connect with customers via Google’s web search without building a quality website.  It seems as though a team of writers are needed for every corner store’s website.  This is simply not true.  It does take time to build a brand.  Let’s face it, we can’t all afford a team of marketers or developers in the back office.  As a small business owner you also can’t afford to put your website design and content strategy on the back burner.  Let Gripcurrent help by showing you there strategies and practices that do work.  Do you wish to grow your websites worth in search results? The answer starts in website design and is implemented further through new content.


 Your business needs a local web partner that can help you form a plan. We create websites and fill them with the content needed to increase business. Take the time to find a reliable partner for your website goals.  Get more knowledge on How Google Search Works for your business. Call Gripcurrent Today.


Some Services Offered by Gripcurrent Web Development

Creating a New Website

  • Whatever type of business you have and whatever the scale or style your interested in, Gripcurrent will deliver a polished web project you can be proud of.
  • We can handle web hosting, account transfers, website domain transfers, registrars, name server changes, and pointing.
  • We cover planning, design, development, site modification, and maintenance through all phases.
  • We can create and link social media platforms into your design.
  • E-Commerce Sites and Add-Ons
  • Parallax scrolling websites
  • We have professional photography and video services available for content building.
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Training your team on HOW GOOGLE SEARCH WORKS

Redesigning Websites

  • Converting existing “old School html” sites onto Content management systems (CMS).
  • Delivering creative functionality into existing frameworks.
  • Implementing E-Commerce Solutions into your existing website design.
  • Adding mobile responsiveness into existing website design.
  • WordPress website creation and tutorials on use and updating.
  • We design on our server and after completion will upload to your server, we also offer maintenance and hosting agreements for new and existing domains.

WordPress Conversions

  • WordPress design from the ground up or transferring from an existing CMS.
  • Genesis framework and StudioPress theme customization
  • WordPress has a vast amount of free plugins available that can instantly implement a needed application on your site.
  • As a database-driven framework it is very good at delivering a user friendly professional experience, through the integration and interconnectivity of custom apps.
  • WordPress is one of the most expansive and widely used and discussed CMS.
  • For an owner who wants to self maintain there website it has a moderate learning curve for such a creative and powerful system.

Hosting and Maintenance Services

  • Basic hosting and maintenance service involves monitoring Security Update requirements, monitoring page and post updates for proper SEO, monitoring commentary, and hosting.
  • Typical cost of hosting and maintenance on a shared server is $100 per month.
  • Many other plans can be structured based around your hosting and maintenance needs.

Updating Website Content and Adding Simple SEO to Existing Web Content

  • Add Photos and Video
  • Injecting pages and posts along with integrating layout and design with SEO in mind
  • Adding appropriate SEO to text throughout the site and including robot friendly documentation

Small Business Marketing

  • Social Media account creation, content generation, content strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Adwords Campaigns and PPC Optimization
  • Local SEO insertion and directory listings
  • E-Mail Marketing through targeted newsletter opt-ins
  • Print advertising and direct mailing campaigns

Graphic Design – Logos

Professional Photo & Video Production

Product Branding

  • In house graphic design
  • Professional photography and video production
  • Logo Work for Websites and so much more; we can create designs for any application — auto, clothing, print, etc.
  • Business styling that creates a true brand identity both on and offline
  • Moving CSS and new school parallax imagery


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