Hawaii Website Design

Looking For a Local Developer for your Hawaii Website Design?

Gripcurrent is a local agency that excels in Hawaii website design.  We create attractive professional websites. It makes all the difference when people find your business online.  Websites are the modern day business card, yellow pages listings, and newspaper advertisement all rolled into one.

The Content you Serve is what makes Your Hawaii Website Design Get Found

The content on your website must be fresh and loaded with relevant keywords. Every business page you own should be a search target.

Be an Authority through your Hawaii Website Design.

 Your website is an influential tool in order to attract new customer’s attention along with keeping the existing customers returning.  Consumers want the best, and you have to be seen as a leader to convert them into customers.   Use your website design plan to its fullest potential.

Call Gripcurrent today to develop, modify, or maintain an attractive website design for your Hawaii HI business.


Hire Gripcurrent as your Partner in Hawaii Website Design.  Keep it local, we are located right here on the Big Island.

    • Personal one on one meetings- Hawaii Website Design

      Our home office is just off the Highway in Keaau HI (HPP).  Usually we meet our clients at their place of business to help to get a real feel for their existing establishment and the vision for their website.  Plus it is convenient for our customers.  Either way, Gripcurrent offers personalized service – right around the corner.

    • Website customization, affordability, professional service 

      Many web developers try and convince you to re-invent the wheel on many aspects of your design.  Small businesses usually don’t have a huge budget that can afford to get every intense design element available.  They need a specific set of tools customized for their website.  We work within your budget to find solutions that are both attractive, reliable, and meet the expectations and needs of both your business and customers.  Have a great experience while designing a fully customized and professionally built website, call Gripcurrent in Hawaii.

    • Are you a do it yourself type of business owner? 

      If you are, you have probably made a website that is OK, but doesn’t quite stand up to the professionally designed competition.  You need a professional designed website with a framework you can work with.  Many business owners want to be able to self manage; adding and changing content to keep the site current.  With a CMS or content management system, a little training by an experienced professional can go a long way.

       The most widely used CMS we employ is WordPress, but we can also work with other content management systems if they better suit your needs.  We give 45 days of free support for every new website and if you need hourly based modification, a service plan, or hosting package we can taylor a plan for your business at anytime.  We also do website management tutorials for owners interested in learning or training someone in the office to manage the business’s website.  We can also group many of our other services including small business marketing, PPC, SEO, link building, graphic design, logos, business or product branding, video, photography, content creation, and social media management into an action plan. We gain your small business traction online.  Use Gripcurrent to build a self-managed Hawaii Website Design.

    • Are you too busy to manage your own website and rather have Gripcurrent as a trusted Partner?  

      Basic website support packages start at $630 a month and include premium wordpress hosting, site security, spam management, image and text modification to existing pages, and blog post uploading.  We can custom tailor a plan for many different services; popular Packages include PPC (Pay-perclick/adwords) campaign roll-outs/optimization, onsite, local, and organic SEO (search engine optimization), along with link building and social media marketing plans.  Gripcurrent is a full service web development agency and we offer many services including e-commerce development, small business marketing, in-house graphic design and logos, web video and photography, business and product branding, and organic link building.  Whatever your company needs Gripcurrent is your source for a trustworthy professional web partner, right here in Hawaii.

    • Pay Per Click (PPC) 

      Google Adwords is a solid source for paid advertising that will immediately send customers to your website.  True optimization starts with in depth keyword research, campaign, group, and ad building, followed by custom tailored landing pages that directly target conversion from search users.  Following the initial spend, analytics can be used to determine best use of budget and optimization for distinct money makers.  Targeting a positive ROI is key.

    • Social Media Marketing and Content Management 

      Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, just to name a few are great social media outlets to the Hawaii and global pool of customers.  Many of these sites now offer advertising opportunities.  Don’t get trapped by just throwing money at a quick setup campaign, these marketing strategies need to be focused for a quality ROI or return on investment.  many of my customers have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on un-targeted or wrongly targeted campaigns.

    • SEO Search Engine Optimization 

      Every business wants to be the first website shown in Google Search.  Getting there is increasingly competitive in many industries.  The algorithm used to determine your websites authority is increasingly complex.  The bulk of your value is made through fresh high quality unique content.  Secondly it is how that content is being shared.  Gripcurrent can offer content creation and management tailored to your keyword research; that will raise your rank in organic search results.  This is optimization through white hat SEO.

Gripcurrent Website Design Hawaii- help is just around the corner… 

We really enjoy helping out local businesses with their web development.  Taking a small company and turning it’s website headache into one of their proudest business components is always my goal.  All consultations are free including questions as simple as “How do I change this photo?” to as complex as “How do I build a site to sell 1000 different products and affectively target this age group in Hawaii with a set budget?”

Let’s meet and discuss your project.  Is a comprehensive SWOT analysis needed, do you have analytics data now that needs interpretation in order to increase ROI from PPC?  No problem to large or to small.  Gripcurrent will help find an affordable attractive solution for your website design Hawaii and all your internet marketing needs; right around the corner.