Contact Forms • An Important Thing to Monitor.

Contact forms on your Website need to work correctly.  Make sure your website forms are producing customer leads.

Obvious Right? Than why do so many businesses have problems with their website contact forms not working correctly, or not at all? About 75% of Gripcurrent’s prospective customers come to the platform with website contact form problems. (This always means missed revenue.)

Usually the fix is simple – either an email address is incorrectly placed or mis-spelled in one of the website forms. (A developer issue.)
Other times there are major plugin conflicts or a WordPress update that has started to cause problems. (Be careful what Plugins you use – not all plugins get updated to be functional with the newest version of WordPress.)
Sometimes its a server side issue that is causing the problem. (Who’s your host?) Some hosts don’t allow automatic population of fields from incoming email addresses on notification forms. This helps them curb some traffic from spam, but it could also delete leads.

Choosing the right contact form might take some research for what works best on your server.
Gripcurrent in the past was primarily using Contact Form7 or Gravity Forms depending on if the client wanted to use a free or paid application.  We also took into account what the form needs where and what kind of customization we where planning.

**Update 2016 – Contact Form 7 was patched and Updated and I still use it for some clients.**

Contact Form 7 started having server issues for some of my clients in mid 2014 – it was our go to free form plugin. We started experimenting with other free plugins with mixed results for ease of use and consistent performance.  We won’t be going into detail on what was tested.

On our new website we decided to use Ninja Forms free plugin.

Contact Forms • DevelopersThese guys look to be a legit contender for the best free contact forms plugin for WordPress.  They also have paid upgrades that are available right inside WordPress to make their plugin more powerful.  So far we have only used the free version and it seems to work quite well.  We haven’t done much customization yet, maybe when we do we’ll do a follow up post. We’ll keep monitoring it – and you should too. Check your forms function every week or two.  It’s the smart thing to do.

Let us know what forms you use in the comments section.

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