Web Developer Big Island Hawaii

Aloha, looking for a local web developer Big Island Hawaii or a Hawaii SEO? You’ve come to the right place. Gripcurrent has all the right tools to manage your small business websites.  We hope you’ll find us a one-stop-shop for Hawaii small business solutions. We’re not your typical website designer or SEO. Need help with branding, […]


Contact Forms • An Important Thing to Monitor.

Contact forms on your Website need to work correctly.  Make sure your website forms are producing customer leads. Obvious Right? Than why do so many businesses have problems with their website contact forms not working correctly, or not at all? About 75% of Gripcurrent’s prospective customers come to the platform with website contact form problems. […]


Transferring Domains from GoDaddy, What's the big Deal?

Update 2016 – GripCurrent Now does High Speed Optimized Hosting as part of Our Monthly Package!   ***While this post is still good for information on Transferring Domains from GoDaddy- I do NOT prefer Bluehost over GoDaddy anymore – I’ve had multiple site speed issues with both.  (I was liking managed wordpress by Godaddy for price […]


How Google Search Works • Getting Found

How Google Search Works for Small Business Many local business owners just don’t have time to spend on developing useful content for the web. Learn how Google search works and help your small business Get Found! I can remember the first time I heard the word Google.  It was 1998. I was a college freshman […]