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Gripcurrent develops online action plans, custom tailored to your small business. We are a complete all in one solution that provides simple, powerful, and affordable results.

Website Development • SEO • Marketing • Design • Video

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Visibility, Confidence, and Authority are the beginning benefits of using the Gripcurrent Platform. Experience true professional dedication, strategic goal oriented growth, and the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about hosting, account set-ups, or technical babble.

The Perfect Web Solution

Once you begin to build your brand online, it is time to start creating the perfect frame to let your business shine. Do not settle for basic when we can customize every aspect of your customer's experience until it looks and functions just right. It's all about captivating your audience.

Business Starter Pack Pricing

The starter pack will teach you everything you need to know in order to get up and running on the Gripcurrent Platform.

Brick and Mortar


  • SWOT Analysis
  • Social Media Account Building
  • Content and Link Audit
  • Website Plan
  • Local Visibility Audit




  • Industry Entry Analysis
  • Social Media Account Building
  • Competition Analysis
  • Website & E-Commerce Plan
  • Payment Gateway Analysis


Hybrid Storefront


  • Local and Online SWOT Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Integrated Product Management Plan
  • Website and E-Commmerce Plan
  • Integrated Payment Solution Plan


Don’t take our word for it

"A 50% increase in Leads this year!
While reducing our marketing costs."

Tri-County General Contracting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Gripcurrent support after a website is Live and generating income?

Of course! Gripcurrent experts are ready to answer your questions and solve any problems that may come along. Simply use the support form in your customer portal, or send us an email at Gripcurrent@gmail.com.

Is there telephone support for Gripcurrent?

Yes we do offer telephone support. Phone support is billed at an hourly rate based on your subscription plan. In our experience, the written record created by a text-based ticketing system solves problems efficiently and effectively, and archives those solutions for future reference in a way that telephone conversations cannot. Phone support is free for the first two months for all clients who create a new site with Gripcurrent.

Will you teach me how to use the Gripcurrent Platform?

Gripcurrent Platform owners get access to a personal account representative that will set monthly business goals. These goals will either be completed by your business staff or our experts. Ongoing growth performance through opportunity sourcing is what makes our Platform unique.

With Gripcurrent, do I get online marketing?

Yes, Gripcurrent is an all in one marketing solution. We combine in house SEO, Design, and Marketing into our Platform. We also work with both traditional and high tech mediums and have value pricing with outdoor advertisers. We negotiate for you and implement high converting, affordable solutions.

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1 Minute on what the Gripcurrent Platform is all About

We Create Winning Solutions.

We are experts at boosting your visibility while building your brands online citizenship. With Gripcurrent you get both an online design and marketing partner. We are solution oriented team players. After getting to know your business we will quickly get you on the track to success.

We Solve Problems.

During your search for a web developer or internet marketing professional have you felt lost, like you're floating about in a vast sea of information and competition? It's ok. Most small business owners have the "I'm in over my head" feeling about their website. Good News! read further...

We are More than a developer.

Setting up a website is just the beginning. Gripcurrent creates Powerful marketing machines; we incorporate your must do's for branding, advertising, and social media management into a comprehensive plan of attack. With Gripcurrent, you'll have the confidence you need to succeed.

Affordable & Effective at Achieving Goals

Stop being the underdog, exceed your expectations and surpass your competition with Gripcurrent. Gripcurrent is always affordable. We set up goal oriented plans with ROI as a primary concern. It's simple, if we can't increase your profit, we can't increase your marketing budget.

It's Easy To Get Started.

With a business starter pack you can get an outside look at your business from a personal account representative. We build a customized package focused on specific business needs. The Gripcurrent platform starts with your business website interface. But we don't stop there.

Dominate, Be the Authority in Your Market.

The Gripcurrent Platform will make you an Authority in your market. Your action plan has to be bigger and better than your competition. With a starter pack you'll know just how stiff the competition is. Get Started on your road to succcess with the Gripcurrent Platform.

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A List of Web Design and Marketing Services We Provide

Website Design and Development

We can design anything from the mild to wild. Let us create an attractive and affordable website for your business. We customize wordpress sites, we can use whatever CMS or content management system you would like.

Small Business Marketing

From in-depth SWOT analylsis to finding attractive means of online visibility. Gripcurrent can help you define and target your specific market; communicating the value of your product or service to consumers is our goal.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Mobile responsive web design is a must in today's tablet and phone based communication era. If your website can't easily be viewed on the small screen you are leaving opportunity on the table for your competition.

Mobile Website Modifications

Existing websites can be brought up to today's viewing requirements by modifying code. Display the appropriate content and size specific design elements for different mobile devices and watch your conversions grow. We can import your content into a new wordpress or other cms design framework.

E-commerce Website Developing

E-commerce websites can get very expensive considering the large size of a site carrying many products. Small businesses do however have many options to finding an affordable solution. Woocommerce can be integrated into a new or existing wordpress web design. Call Gripcurrent for a free consultation on your E-Commerce needs.

Woocommerce Integration

Woocommerce is a plugin that can be added to the Wordpress CMS to create an affordable solution for many small businesses. Woocommerce excels at being a customizable website platform that grows with your business. Implementing woocommerce is not difficult and can be integrated with your accounting software.

Even More Web Design and Marketing Services We Provide

Magento Websites

Ebay's Magento is a scalable E-Commerce solution that can work for both small to enterprise level businesses. A Magento build can be very costly, but the integration with POS an Accounting applications make it a super flexible tool many brick & mortar/e-commerce hybrids couldn't live without.

Professional Photo and Video Production

Adding professional photos and videos to your website not only adds to its attractiveness, but adds to your search results via Google. Video can be as simple as a webcam review or a fully professionally made commercial. We do both in house videography and photography, and we also partner with artists and film makers when needed.

Graphic Design Services - Logo Design Service

Our in-house graphic design services can be added to create affordable design elements used throughout your site. of course we do logo design for both web applications and for physical printing.

Business and Product Branding

Your brand should be a part of the decision making process in every step of your design. Gripcurrent will make sure the customer knows what your brand stands for and will tailor your brand to fit your customers.

PPC Campaigns

Depending on the competition in your market, PPC or pay per click marketing campaigns can be an affordable path to new new customers.

PPC Optimization

Many PPC campaigns are setup and left to run without any optimization. this is a sure fire way to waste your advertising budget. Appropriate key wording and analysis over time has to be implemented if you work within a budget.

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